Saturday, 5 July 2008


Talked with C (CMHN) on Thursday, which was helpful. The (very sensible) idea is that I make sure I do the self nurturing activities. Trouble is, the times I find that hardest are when I most need to. I didn't manage to do the sewing I said I would do that night, but have done a little better since then. Yesterday I had my weekly gym session and asked J if we could do some Yoga. That was good - affirming in that I can do the stretches and the strength postures so much more easily than I used to be able to, and nurturing in that Yoga helps me with grounding and with mindfulness.
Today has been a busy and in many ways challenging day. It is my father's 70th birthday this week and today we travelled to join in a celebration meal. My brother and his wife and their new daughter were there, and two other people I knew - and 6 I had never met. Socialising for a whole day was quite a challenge for me. On returning home I took myself off for a long and luxurious bath (with some "LUSH" bath bubbles - very nice) and that has helped a bit.
Tomorrow I have various school-related tasks to complete, but I do have a massage booked for the evening, which will be good. I need to make sure I plan something specific for Tuesday, and then make sure I do it.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Glad you got some self nurturing in with that luxurious bubble bath and I think you did brill handling the gathering. I am always spooked by those kind of events. You did great.


Rainbow dreams said...

am thinking - self nurturing is so important - can't remember when I last did any...
and yoga...
and I have lush bubbles that have never been out of the packet..

thank you

I needed this right now, cheers, Katie, xx