Friday, 4 July 2008


Thanks to Calum's comment, I am aware that the link to the analysis of April's SUIs is now working again. You can read the document for yourself here. I think it has been added to since I last read it, though I can't be certain.

Key points:
There were 8 SUIs during April 2008; a rise of 5 on the same period in the previous years.
"At the time of writing this paper five reports (of the eight SUI) had been received by the risk management team but had not been signed off by the appropriate Service Director."
ie, no reports received yet. Given the backlog I mentioned in a previous post, that is not surprising.

"All the people who died untowardly had been living in the community."

"The completed SUI reports for the period April 2008 are not available at this time, but the risk management team have not identified any issues of concern, relating to this group of incidents."
"No immediate issues of concern have been identified by the risk management team, for unavailable reports. "
No reports but no concerns? Seems a bit like prejudging, in my opinion.

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mandy lifeboats appeal said...

"not been signed off by the appropriate Service Director."

How cold the clinical world is eh? A life being signed off by a director. Sends shudders down my spine.

Will be thinking of you over the weekend. x