Monday, 25 August 2008

Something of a breakthrough

... with the ending of my sessions with D, that is. I've been musing on finding some way of registering my journey so far - and the fact that it is not finished, in terms of dealing with issues. I know I can't just turn up at the session and expect to be able to talk about it - that's not the way it goes for me. If I am anxious / upset / scared (and I am feeling all of those things now about next Monday) then I clam up. So I wanted to have something to take with me. But what?

MMP's reply to my last post sparked something off, and combined neatly with a new tool I have just encountered (while looking for new ideas for teaching). Scrapblog looks like something some pupils will enjoy (I'm thinking of extension tasks here) and I have been playing with it to record my "therapy journey". It's helping, I think, and I expect to be able to export and print off the pages (I think taking my laptop to the session is one step too far!)

It's still going to be a tough one, but I think this will help along the way.


MMP said...

oh my....that's brilliant

that's a very interesting tool, thank you for sharing it.
I am immediately thinking of things I can use it for as well.

AND for me!

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Sorry things have been tough, C

Did read your posting about endings but thought that I couldn't think of anything relevant to write, so didn't.

Glad people are helping out with showing you tools that might help and links and stuff.

Know it won't be easy but I think, for you, you are doing the right thing. x