Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Scrap the breakthrough...

... it's been a rough day today.

Session with GP good but not easy...

Session with CMHN very difficult - I was all over the place and am not really sure where I am now.

Could someone please silence the dog next door which was barking past 11pm and again at 6am. I need some sleep. Among other things.
Silencing the internal voices would be another good thing.
Perhaps silencing me would be a third.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

Two meetings in one day is tough going, especially (personal view) because you are in some kind of transition.

When people are confronting, or trying to, Entrenched pain and damage there is an element of safety needed. Dependant on the individual but I would certainly need to feel safe if I was going to discuss certain things with professionals. I would need to have a strong level of trust in them too.

Feel free to ignore me. Sometimes I try to ignore msyelf to no avail:>) but don't push yourself too hard to be getting it all right or feeling alright all the time because you need to cut yourself some slack here.

I am sure what you are dealing with, and trying to bring out, is very painful to you and the process of bringing it out...hopefully to deal with and move on from..will be painful too.

Not sure if that sounds too much like psycho-babble but sometimes we push ourselves way too hard.

Patience is a virtue and one I struggle to find in myself. So tell me to shut up if I am stating the obvious or giving you a nosebleed x

Disillusioned said...

Thanks mandy. safety is so important.