Thursday, 10 July 2008

Positive things?

Today has been hard - very hard. However, I am trying to practise what D indicated yesterday and identify the positives.
So, today:
I taught 4 lessons which were OK. I kep the classes focused and had no major issues.
I dealt with a home problem decisively and effectively.
I got E to her pre-prom party successfully (she looked gorgeous, btw).
I phoned my CPN for support.
I'm still here.

That last is significant tonight.

It's hard dealing with knowing and not knowing. Memories without someone else to agree with me - that's proving difficult. I want someone else to confirm that what I remembered yesterday was not a figment of my imagination (though it was a scarily vivid figment if that is what it was, and not something which forms part of my normal thoughts in any shape or form).


MMP said...

oh crumbs, hugs and flowers, bunches of virtual flowers that smell gloriously summery and not at all horrible

Disillusioned said...

Thank you.