Thursday, 5 June 2008

Family and home updates

Am feeling completely shattered tonight, though I am not sure why. Probably down to having had last week off and needing to readjust. Marking till 10pm last night probably didn't help much either!

H was given details of her new class today, for when she transfers schools in September. mercifully, she is really happy with the people she is with. E tells us H's new form tutor is "lovely" - E has had her for Music this year. So H is feeling that things are going her way. Great relief all round. This weekend she is on an outdoor activities trip with school.
The end of E's GCSEs is in sight. She has coped really well with them. Today she got another 3 out of the way - two Chemistry and her final English paper - and thinks they went well - which is unusual for her in that she generally thinks she has done really badly (and proves to have done really well when the results appear!) She has another shopping trip to MK planned for this weekend, so lots of taxi duties ahead for us.
W is getting through his exam marking. No news on further gigs yet, but watch this space.

So all is going smoothly in our household. I've had a bit of a gap between therapy sessions but spoke to C today which was helpful, and am seeing D on Monday. I feel I have made a lot of progress recently and am looking forward to discussing this and finding ways to build on it. Certainly the issue of endings seems much less frightening at the moment - even manageable. Which has to be good!


marcella said...

all sounds very good. Rest while you can

MMP said...

...enjoy lovely living!

Rainbow dreams said...

thanks for the update - was wondering, all sounds good,

Disillusioned said...

Thank you all.