Thursday, 5 June 2008

Referrals to the Healthcare Commission part 2

The second set of recommendations made by the Healthcare Commission regarding recent referrals were as follows:

That the Trust contacts the complainant to arrange for the complainant’s health records to be corrected as appropriate.
That the Trust contacts the complainant to specifically address how best to provide the complainant with ongoing care and treatment.

This does not specifically relate to my case. It could have, six months ago. Yet again, I am grateful that I was able to press for the support I needed when I needed it. If I had not been, then six months on I could be still waiting for "care and treatment".


Rainbow dreams said...

I'm pleased you could press for support when you needed it... sending love your way, hope all is well with you, x

MMP said...

in a school this week,
thought of you!

Disillusioned said...

Thank you both.

Katie, I'm very thankful I was able to press for support - and very aware of others who can't.

MMP - hope your time in school was good. Loved your story about the snails!