Friday, 6 June 2008

Endings and beginnings

Musing on endings today has made me realise that I am actually starting to see the end of my therapy sessions with D as the start of something else. that's novel for me, and I am trying to nurture it. Some of the ideas that I have come up with are:

It is the start of seeing myself as capable and coping.

It is the start of providing space for myself rather than needing that space to be provided by others.

It is the start of looking after myself again rather than relying on others to look after me.

It is the start of trusting my own decisions.

Here's to new starts. I'm taking off on my bicycle and the training wheels are off. I may be a bit wobbly for a while, but I can see the road ahead.


Calum said...

Well done to get to this point and good luck.

Trust all goes well.

Disillusioned said...

Thank you calum. It has been a very long, very hard fight.

MMP said...

oooh! You got a basket too!!

Seratonin said...

Good luck with getting your training wheels off.You are a lot more positive than I am about leaving therapy.I did have struggle with leaving it the first time around when I did it 6 years ago.Then again maybe it's just my insecure side.
Take care
Sis xxx

Disillusioned said...

lol mmp. I actually want a bike like this - as long as I don't have to rely on it!

Sis, thanks. It's taken me a long time ot get this positive. I have really struggled with ending therapy - it's just that something seems to have shifted recently and it feels OK.