Saturday, 17 May 2008

Rejoice the Voice Part 2

My CD arrived! I was VERY jealous of Lottie (who came with me to the Hitchin workshop) when she told me her CD had arrived, and mine had not. However, it was there when I got home the next day, and I have really enjoyed listening to it. It was like redoing the workshop! (Now am going to get out last year's CD for comparison purposes!)

Quite a few recent hits to this blog have come from "Rejoice the Voice" searches on Google - so "Hello" to anyone who was at Hitchin - and to Julie, Chris or Helen if they happen to click this way!

Such a good day - a chance to put a smile on my face again remembering it. So glad it wasn't this weekend though, with the horrendous cold I have at the moment. Timing is SO important.



Rainbow dreams said...

hope your cold goes quickly - so many people I knowa re down with it!
Gald the cd was as good as you had hoped.. have been thinking of you,

Disillusioned said...

Thanks Katie.
The cold is hanging on seriously hard. Struggled at work today. Just hoping it isn't about to trigger an asthma attack - am doing all I can to prevent it.

Very glad that Rejoice the Voice was not this weekend for me - it would have been seriously affected by this cold.