Monday, 19 May 2008

BLPT Core Standards Declaration

This has just been published on the Trust's website.

The Trust declares itself to be compliant in all but two of the Core Standards. Those two relate to services for people with learning disabilities. This area has now been passed on to other providors. One way of getting rid of a problem!

There are some pretty critical comments where outside agencies make their contributions, however. For example, the PPI (Public Partnership Involvement) states:

The Forum expressed concerns throughout the year that staffing levels were of concern in some of its residential accommodation. We accept that the Trust is constrained by commissioners agreement to fund, however it is not acceptable for this not to be implemented.

Early in the year the Forum were disappointed when a concerning press article was published regarding an issue that the Forum had not previously been informed of.

We believe the Trust is not compliant in providing patients with suitable information when there are to be changes to services.

We do not believe that the Trust is compliant in providing an environment which promotes effective care and optimises health outcomes

Reports were made during the year (supported by meeting minutes) of a particular ward having problems with the supply of hot water. This was considered unacceptable by the Forum.

Looks like the PPI does not agree with all of the Trust's declarations of compliance, then.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

As an ex member of the PPI, I am really pleased to see that they are having their say.

My experience of being on the PPI was not a positive one. I felt very unsupported, in the group, in regards to 2 suicides that had taken place one month after the other although I did ask and was backed to go to one of the inquests. Only the coroner was having none of it. One comment from a BLPT manager was that 'They had a history of suicide attempts so it was no surprise they killed themselves'.

The PPI focus was very much on learning difficulties and the paperwork and potential workload was massive.

I know part of my lack of ability to carry on in the forum was down to my illness but you have to be very able (and constantly on BLPT's case for feedback or relevant informtion) to keep up with PPI work. Not sure what state of play is with transition to LINKS status.

that said it heartens me to see some semi independant group others are bothering.

Disillusioned said...

Hi Mandy

I can believe it is a very difficult role to take on, and I do admire those who persevere with it. It will be interesting to see what happens as LINKS become embedded, and also now that SPLD is no longer part of BLPT. Will the emphasis change, I wonder.

I too was glad to see the challenging. It is needed. Very needed.