Wednesday, 16 April 2008

On the up...

Things seem (touch wood, fingers crossed, pray hard) to be on the up for me, mental health wise. While I have had occasional low points, they have been less low and shorter. And I am generally feeling positive. I even managed a decent night's sleep without sleeping tablets last night. I'm enjoying teaching (though the drama lesson I taught today was definitely NOT one of my best - well outside my comfort zone!) and pupils are mostly responding positively.
Some of this is down to the increased light. A lot of it is down to a period of stability in the support I am being given. I've found that my current CMHT are to be trusted (and am trying to do so). It's still scary knowing that sessions with D will end - part of me sees her as the lynchpin, the person who has ensured that the support has been there when it has been needed. The underlying fear is that it will not be there once my contact with her has gone. But I'm trying really hard not to catastrophise and to keep reminding myself that the people I am in contact with now have not let me down. She has also given me some assurances which have helped.

So I'm sharing a sunny moment with you. HOpe the sun is shining where you are too.


MMP said...

Mother & daughter here both appreciating the sunshine and the difference to makes to everyone, esp us!

Caroline said...


Rainbow dreams said...

I'm pleased for you that things are loking uo right now, hugs and love

marcella said...

Hugs from here - the sun is shining here too, although there's still a very cold wind.

Disillusioned said...

Thank you all.

My "get up and go" has got up and gone today! Am struggling to find the motivation to do all the school work which I know needs doing (in most cases, needs doing urgently!) But the sun is still shining.
Thanks for the hugs and the responses. Means a lot to me.