Thursday, 17 April 2008

Service User Survey

I had a reply to my email asking for a copy of the above today. This is the survey which the February Trust Performance Report said was being sent out in February. The same survey which the Board undertook to send out by December 2006, then by December 2007.

Apparently it has not yet been sent out to service users as amendments were requested to the final draft. I'm assured I will get a copy as soon as it has been "finalised".

Looks like December 2008 might be more likely. Or maybe not... I will not have had contact with the complaints or PALS service within the previous 6 months if progress continues at this rate.

Go on, Become a Member of this wonderful Trust (so urges their website), which states among its Principal Objectives:
We aim to exceed the expectations of our Service Users with the quality and responsiveness of our services.
You know it makes sense. Yeah, right.

I stand by my previous cynical views.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

"We aim to exceed the expectations of our Service Users with the quality and responsiveness of our services".

Ha! Ha!

Most vision statements (don't ya just hate that American business babble crap?)aren't worth the executive paper they are printed on.

Any twat can write a vision statement.

Mine would be,

"I aim to regain my sanity, whilst manning a one woman shuttle to Mars and back during which time I will master the violin, Celo and the entire woodwind section and dye my hair several shades of pink for the hell of it"

Is just as realistic as the Trust's vision of itself. How they love to spin a yarn!!!!

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

P.S. Hope things are good for you or, if that is another visiom/mission/military statement too far, that you are holding out and found some positives in your day.

marcella said...

Looks to me as if they could achieve their aim. After all on past performance most service users will have very low expectations indeed.

Disillusioned said...

Sadly true, Marcella. Most of us have no expectations left of the organisation as a whole.