Friday, 18 April 2008

Timescales and (missed) deadlines

Having been told on April 3rd that the Complaints Policy for BLPT " is going through the final stages of the implementation process and should beavailable on the internet within the next 10 working days," I have now been updated (following enquiries) with the information that it, "is scheduled to be ratified by the Service User and Carer Committee on 9th May 2008. Once ratified it will be made available on the internet site within a week. "
The service user survey, I am informed by the same source, "has not yet been issued to the service users. There may be a number of reasons for this,not least that the National Service User Survey is currently being undertaken. " Well, I suppose this *may* be an explanation, but given that the survey is being undertaken by the Healthcare Commission and, as far as I understand it, compiling the results has nothing to do with the Trust, I can't see how this should affect their workload.
The PALS office offered the comment, "For your information the PALS and Complaints Questionnaire was only initiated in October 2007 and went for consultation in January 2008. " I have pointed them to the online Trust Board papers which show that the initial deadlines for distributing the survey were as stated in my previous entry - December 2006 and December 2007. Maybe I should suggest they read here - they might learn something.

Mandy writes of a very sad event not unrelated to the work of BLPT on her blog.

I haven't yet had any communication from the Healthcare Commission as to whether or not they have received my clinical and complaint notes from BLPT Complaints Department. The extended deadline ended last Tuesday. I'm not holding my breath! As Marcella commented, it's getting easier for BLPT (or at least its Complaints Department) to meet the expectations of service users (as stated in BLPT's mission statment) - we don't have many expectations left.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C,

I would not say that my friend's death is unrelated to the work of BLPT.

I think BLPT, through typical neglect of individual needs, let him down. They would most probably say "We did our best". what I say is if the level of care they are providing for most people using their services is their best, then I would hate to see their worst!!!

Granted I am in a mixture of grief and anger at the moment but I think Community Mental Health Teams need to rethink how they deal with clients and, more so, senior management need to listen to what they are being told by those who use their services.

If I was a relative, I would be seeking some justice for manslaughter and it wouldn't be the first time I feel that would be justifiable. I know of 2 other people who should not have died (whose lives, I think, could have been saved) whilst under the care of MH services.

If you would prefer this not to be on your blog. Let me know, am happy to transfer it to mine.

Disillusioned said...

Exactly M. I said it was "not unrelated". I am sure the actions of BLPT had a contribution, probably a major one. Sorry if it wasn't clear. I agree totally with your comments about BLPT and their likely response.

Thinking of you.

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Thanks C

Sorry didn't read your words about 'related' properly.

As I see it "Everything is relative" (as in dependant on where a person is). Something the Trust could also find some use in thinking about.