Friday, 4 April 2008


I hate them.
But this time I WAS able to remind myself, "That was then, not now".
And it worked.

Which is big progress for me.

And I am getting better at identifying when what I am feeling is anger.

(It's just knowing what to do with it that is hard!)


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi D

Flashbacks are toughies. As in real toughies so being able to aknowledge that they are part of history rather than related to something in the now is, I think, something positive.

Mine kinda merge with the now but I think that is because there were many horrid things in my past that were happening at the same time. Hard to pull them apart and put them all in manageable boxes. And not right now. Sure that sounds like a cop out and maybe it is but have enough on me plate.

Anyway, back to you. Sure some of the one to one support you get, the people helping, could help you look at what is to be done with dealing with them. If that makes sense.

Hope your weekend is a gentle one, prior to heading back to work.


Disillusioned said...

Hi Mandy.

What you say is true. As to not being able to make sense of your own flashbacks, you can only handle what you can handle at the time. I have a terrible habit of trying to bite off too much at once.

I have talked about ways to handle flashbacks, and read a lot about them. the mindful breathing helps a lot and I am trying to do this, particularly in the evening. Had a terrible panic attack when I went to bed last night, but managed to cope with it through breathing. (The sleeping tablet I ahd taken probably helped too!).

Today I have a trip into town with H (younger daughter) to get her new glasses, go to the library and possibly look at holidays. Then more work (marking!) to prepare for the return.

Rainbow dreams said...

Huge progress Caroline, well done... That really does sound good.
Anger is a toughie...but it sounds as if you're making progress there too :), love from here, x