Thursday, 3 April 2008


Am working through major major issues - or trying to work through - while keeping life going.

I'm trying to learn that I can cope with the "stuff". I'm also trying to put "stuff" in the right places ("my stuff" - "their stuff" - "then stuff" - "now stuff" - "old stuff" - "new stuff" ....) Life is like a huge set of pigeonholes at the moment, and I am standing in front of it. I know all these papers can be put into the right places, but to do so I have to read each one to work out where each belongs. That is bringing me face to face with things I didn't know - didn't remember - didn't want to remember. It's all for the best; after all, ultimately I will have a tidy room and be able to choose which pigeonhole to look in. But at the moment it's all rather a mess.

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