Monday, 31 March 2008

therapy session

Tough but useful one today. May be making some progress on anger - I shouted (not at D!) today, in anger. Only once, but I did it - and for someone who does not do anger, that's a biggie. trouble is, am now aware (as D suggested might happen) of stored anger, and I don't like it. Plans to do some more "behavioural" stuff in coming weeks. Yikes.

Also talked about the ending of our sessions - still some way away, but needs to be kept in awareness for me, given how hard I find endings of any sort and therapy endings in particular.

Had details sent to me of a programme tonight on BBC 2 looking at mindfulness as an alternative therapy. Details of the programme can be found here. BBC2 9-10pm. Could be interesting.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi D

Glad you got to vent at therapy session.

Venting anger in a safe environment is a good place to start working with your anger.I'd say..not that I am an expert in bugger all except hashing things up.

Still..we all have to be good at summat, right? :>)

Will stick tv on Beeb 2 so I don't miss that programme.

I went and spoilt myself as a reward for doing my version of climbing mount everest today.

I ordered 'Northanger Abbey', 'Mansfield Park' and 'Being Jane'. that sounds like mega spending but they were all second hand so quite cheap.

Let us say, "It just had to be done"


P.S. Hunted internet for 3 inch mirrors. Only place that sells them is America and the postage costs 3 times the amount of buying 10 mirrors.

if you know of anywhere they sell them, please let me know?

Caroline said...

Tip of the day - save the alternative therapy programme to watch on bbci or whichever cable tv catch up tv set up you have and watch Poppy shakespeare on channel 4 instead.!

Disillusioned said...

Hi Mandy
Glad you spoilt yourself. Sound like good films to get. Love the BBC Austens myself.

Caroline - thanks; haven't come across Poppy Shakespeare. Will give it a go.

Rainbow dreams said...

Missed both and hugs
Katie, x

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Poppy Shakespeare.

I have heard people rave about the book.

Is the Channel 4 version a one off programme or series?

Catherine said...

I have started growling in anger -- is that close enough to shouting? =)

Disillusioned said...

Katie, I didn't watch either last night, but have the therapy one recorded and hope to catch Poppy on a repeat.
Mandy - not having watched, have no idea! Sorry! Will let you know if I find out.
Catherine - growling sounds good. Might try that!