Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Meeting postponed

I was due to have a meeting tomorrow which should have marked some kind of closure for me, by going through my clinical notes and identifying aspects about which I have concerns. This was agreed at the meeting I had with BLPT staff back in October. It has not happened till now due to a combination of factors, as much my responsibility as theirs. I was not ready to look at my notes for a long time. Combining diaries caused more delays, with holidays affecting schedules. Tomorrow's meeting has had to be postponed (quite understandably) due to the illness of one of the people I was due to meet with. It has been rearranged for next week, and I have no problem with this - except that I want this to be done, finished, ticked off.
I probably could have asked for the meeting to go ahead with just one of the two BLPT staff I am due to meet with. I'm sure that would have been possible. But I would prefer to have it with both. So I am willing to wait. But that willingness doesn't alleviate the anxiety I am feeling at the moment.


MMP said...


Disillusioned said...


You got it right. even if you expressed it much more politely than I would like to.

MMP said...

have had a glass ( or few ) of red

am being careful.......


Disillusioned said...

I've had a glass or few of cider myself.
Also being careful - want to open another but resisting.

Actually what I want to do at the moment is find a soundproof room, and a friend who will wait outside in case I need help, and shout and shout and shout.

But I can't, sadly. Children asleep and absence of both soundproof room and supportive friend.

Oh well. Lid back on then!

MMP said...

I have a dream...well a few actually but that's for another day....
I am convinced that somewhere, somehow...people need a space and a time to Just Be.

Am remembering a short story in a womens magazine about women who had three-way shares in a caraven. Whatever they did there was up to them- it just had to be left clean and tidy for the next person.

For over ten years now I've been wondering about this as a very viable option!

( well for longer actually, ever since Jon Pertwee had a caravan in a field... at the back of some chicken runs ...on a farm in our village.....)

Maybe we should rent part of a warehouse and run it like other businesses run bowling alleys :"Rent half an hour of shouting."

Disillusioned said...

I like the caravan idea myself.
As long as it comes with all mod cons (OK light, heat, water and toilets!) AND is soundproofed. Very well soundproofed.

Oh, and Jon Pertwee - THE Dr Who, as far as I am concerned.

marcella said...

"Bother" and other expletives about the meeting. Will be thinking of you next week. Agree with you that Jon Pertwee is THE Dr Who, although hubby shows his age and says that William Hartnell is and Patrick Troughton is the "New Dr"

Disillusioned said...

Thanks marcella.

Has to be Jon Pertwee - though I have a soft spot for Tom Baker as well.

Catherine said...

Closure. What a relief that the end is in sight.

Disillusioned said...

The end to this part at least - yes! I trust that the IG people will do as they have promised - they at least have always done so in the past.