Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Patient survey (HCC)

This is interesting to look at. The results are from last year, so have been around for a while (could be classed as "old news") but the presentation seems to have been changed and I found it very revealing. Not least in that BLPT were rated as below average in all aspects of the survey bar one (where they were exactly average).

It's clear that there is awareness at Board level that this is an issue. Among the proposals to improve matters this year was (you may remember) the decision was taken, "to pre-empt the National Survey distribution by designing and mailing a leaflet explaining the Care Programme Approach and listing CMHT and emergency contact numbers to those service users randomly selected to receive the 2008 survey. " Apparently , in due course, the same information will be made available to new service users (though I fail to see why this leaflet cannot already have been sent to all sevrice users). It's still, as far as I can tell, at the "Working Group" stage. Maybe in another couple of years, then, judging on the timescale for the complaints survey. The same department is overseeing both... This January paper also declared that it would, "develop, with service users, an internal survey for continuous assessment of the service and investigate the feasibility of employing a small group of service users to collate, assess and report on the results from all internal surveys. Results should then be routinely included in monthly performance reporting to the Board." There are many good ideas out there (and have been in the past too) - but little evidence that any of them are being pushed through and brought to fruition.

More encouraging was the Trust Board Paper submitted last month to improve access to talking therapies. I was interested to see that the CMHT I am currently with is one of only two in the Trust which is already delivering the "stepped" model of access. From my experience, I'd back up the assertion that it performs well at this. Other teams (though not the Bedford ones) are to be required to provide this, through a central point. An interesting proposal - though isn't it slightly disturbing that professionals are not already using the skills which they have been trained to use and which they have undertaken to use?


marcella said...

Ok OK I'll go back and read the whole thing and then I'll comment again, but I saw "stepped model of care" and had to leap in. That's what our Trust pride themselves in and as you know I don't have that high opinion of our Trust. Oh well, I am sure they're better than yours - statistically they are anyway - and the stepped model of care does have much to recommend it although when you're in the middle of it it can seem a bit like that screensaver thing they used to have on the TV of the ball that bounced round and round a castle but never got anywhere, do you remember it?

Now - back to your whole post and actually listen to it first before rushing in.

Disillusioned said...

All I'd say is the "stepped care" I am experiencing from my current CMHT is a hundred times better than whatever model of care the previous CMHT were using! But I do see the danger of being a ping pong ball. In our trust at the moment access to any sort of psychotherapy is so restricted / rationed that some kind of model must, surely, be better than no model and no plan! I'm hoping so anyway.

Disillusioned said...

Oh, and almost any Trust is better than mine, according to the HCC surveys anyway!