Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Managing Anger

In my latest Amazon package was the Gael Lindenfield book on anger which I mentioned before. I got it out tonight to look at the next section and reflect on it.

The exercise for the chapter I read is this:
Note down the price you may be paying for not acknowledging or assertively managing your anger.
My body:
Physical tension, expecially in my shoulders.

My mind:
Low self esteem. Self-criticism. Excessive worrying. Ruminative thinking.

My behaviour:
Unassertive. Offering to help where I should be looking out for myself.

My work:
Being taken for granted.

And then:
Make a list of positive atatements which you could use as assertions.
It is good for me to recognise when I feel angry.
I have a right to express my feelings responsibly.

Wow this is hard. Not doing too great a job on it. But it's a start, I suppose.


MMP said...

this post is fab- no need to be shy about what you've achieved.

the last two words appear to have been changed by your computer- I 'm sure you meant to write "I know"....

Disillusioned said...

Thanks mmp.

I don't think the computer is to blame for the last two words!