Monday, 10 March 2008

Training re new curriculum

As I posted over the weekend, I had a course today. We were being introduced to the "New" National Curriculum for ICT at KS3.
I have to admit I wasn't entirely optimistic - but not entirely defeated from the start, either. I had already looked at the new "beast" online and was fairly confident it wasn't too much change and wouldn't involve me rewriting all my KS3 ICT lesson plans.
Indeed, and fairly rarely, the course was inspiring! To be told something new to do actually led to a burst of energy. This may not be unconnected to my having had a complete weekend off! But also we were provided with time to think, to look at what we are already doing, and to think aobut how it can be made even better. We were given tools and resources which will be useful (have already been) and it feels manageable. (And besides, I think I have a bit of a "sod it" attitude to change now - I'll do what I can do and they can like it or lump it.)

I can see how what I have already in place can be made better. The ways it needs to change according to the new orders fit in with how I already wanted to make changes. I can make this work.

And I came home to my latest Amazon package - three new Indigo Girls CDs (new to me, that is - they are old ones) and a Wilson Phillips CD as well as a book on managing anger. Of course, I also came home to lessons to plan - but have been out again for a massage, had a cuppa and am about to sit down to a serving of my Dad's Boeuf Bourbignan, heated up from the freezer. So the work - well, it can wait till I am ready!


marcella said...

It's wonderful when courses can enthuse and work is interesting - enjoy

Disillusioned said...

Thanks, Marcella.

Today has been harder, but am ploughing on.

MMP said...


Disillusioned said...

lol mmp!