Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Self care

I've just skimmed back to remind myself of the ideas R & I came up with for self care and thought I would review where I am with them, some weeks on.

Changing clothes on my return from work. This is the one I have kept up, and one of the simplest, most helpful things I have done. It really seems to be helping me to mark the cboundary between work and home, and enables me to switch off a bit from the worrying about what needs doing (well, most of the time).

Reading - especially children's books. I had a good long run of this, then recently have broadened out into other books. I need to return to the children's ones, especially my favourite classics. It helps to soothe and ground me.

A massage - I managed this (it's taken a while) yesterday. Phoning up to make that appointment was hard to prioritise, but the experience was so worth while. Have another booked in two weeks and will try to make sure I always have the next appointment booked.

A treat every day - hot chocolate, a bubbly bath, quiet reading time - I think I am managing this, for the most part, though there are definitely days when it slips - and I notice that in my mood and in my ability to cope.

Daily Yoga / mindfulness - this is the one I have not really managed to incorporate into my daily routine. Must think on that. I have been doing more Yoga / Pilates / Body balance work at the gym, but of course that is at the cost of the cardio / weights stuff.

Not too many tasks, so it has been manageable, and measurably successful.


cheekyfaces said...

I'm so pleased that you have stuck to a few of these ideas and that some seem to be working for you x

Rainbow dreams said...

thats brilliant - I might just borrow some of these - I could really do with a massage - it's just finding someone good here... might make some calls tomorrow..:)

MMP said...


Caroline said...

nice one,
well done, love and hugs

Disillusioned said...

Thanks, all.