Sunday, 27 January 2008

Postal services

I've been expecting a recorded delivery letter. On Thursday I got home to find a note through the door saying an attempt had been made to deliver it but nobody had been at home.
No problem, I thought, I'll arrange for it to be delivered on Friday when W was due to be in all morning, and I phoned our local office.
No way - nobody was answering the phone.
OK, I thought, I'll use the online service.
No way - their was no option to request delivery on Friday.
OK, I thought, I'll arrange delivery for Saturday. W agreed to stay in while I was at my sewing course. I filled in all required fields and got an email confirming the package would be delivered on Saturday.
Only it wasn't. So now I have to make a dash to the post office after work one day (not easy, next week!) to pick it up.

What really disturbed me was my reaction. I got really angry. I knew I was angry. Both features are very unusual for me. I didn't know what to do with my anger and i felt very disturbed by it. It was out of proportion. I didn't feel in control. A big part of me feels I would rather carry on turning my anger on myself than experience these horrible feelings in future.


cheekyfaces said...

Sorry but the Royal Mail pisses me off too.

Disillusioned said...

Thanks, Cheekyfaces.

Am still seriously annoyed about this - am hoping to get to the post office on Monday when I will let them know how I feel.

marcella said...

Please keep channelling your anger where it needs to go - not rudely or abusively, but with strength and determination - the service ISN'T good, and you have a right to feel anger and express it - for that matter so does the person who posted the package - after all they paid extra to have it delivered on time and almost undoubtedly didn't intend that to cause you any problem.

Disillusioned said...

Thank you marcella but it is so frightening to me to feel that way.

Rainbow dreams said...

quite justified I would think - marcella is right - anger is fine when there is somewhere appropriate to channel it - and findng ways of dealing with it when you recognise it is a normal reaction, a normal feeling...just so powerful that many people unleash it inappropriately...
sorry I have been quiet recently, Katie, x

Disillusioned said...

Thanks, Katie. It's how to deal with it that scares me - it felt so out of proportion and overwhelming. Will hope to discuss this with D at some point.

the little medic said...

The Royal Mail are shit, they didn't even bother to try and deliver our special delivery package the other week! fuckers.

I was really angry too, but at the depot they just give you a complaint phone number. They investigated our complaint and sent us 6 1st class stamps - less than it cost to send the special delivery package in the first place which they didn't even try to deliver!

Disillusioned said...

Hi Medic

I collected my package today.

Apparently the online delivery requesting service operated by Royal Mail doesn't work - it takes 3 days to get the requests from the central computer which receives them out to the depots.

What a waste of time!