Monday, 28 January 2008

Complaints file

After requesting a copy of my Complaints File from BLPT, I collected this (at last) from the Delivery Office today. It was certainly generated very promptly and efficiently, and made very interesting reading. It revealed to me much of what was going on behind the scenes, and has left me with a number of unanswered questions.

I've found out that a "Management Plan" was created for me. From my reading of my clinical notes, there is no information in them regarding this. Creation of this was led by someone (M) in whom I have very little trust. I've requested further details.

My "case" was discussed at a "closed" Trust Board meeting, with briefing notes (provided by two people who had never met me). I have asked for copies of the section of the minutes referring to my "case".

The report from the main (director led) investigation into my complaint is missing from my file. I've asked for a copy.

Various people I trust(ed) have given advice I (a) was unaware with and/or (b) disagree with. That calls into some question my trust in them, and is something I need to consider.

An email in the file (probably left there by mistake) refers to the copy of my file being "worked through" with my clinical team to "decide what information should or should not be sent" to me. I'm hoping for clarification as to whether I have received the entire contents of my complaints file.

There are a number of decisions made about what is in my best interests made by people who have had no contact with me.

There are a number of "interesting" and revealing comments made by M within these notes. There appear to be a number of "explanations" as to why I was not provided with support in the absence of my Care Coordinator last summer:
"it is the team's view that C has at her disposal a significant "tool kit" to enable her to move on..."
"we wanted to avoid her becoming over-dependent on mental health services but we recognise that some people may find this process difficult to deal with..."
"this team did not have C as a high priority..."
"C was not a high priority for allocation... I had more urgent cases to allocate."
"C has been provided with enough tools to be able to manage any difficult times."
"BE CMHT currently has
*2 full time qualified staff members are suspended
*2 social care qualified staff vacancies (although I have got 2 locum workers for some of these hours)
*staff on holiday
For example, last week in the afternoons I was the only qualified nurse in the team, on some days when the locum social worker was not at work, the only qualified person in the team."
I wonder which of these was the real / main reason for the lack of provision in my case?

She is also at pains to stress the amount of time she spent providing information to / about me... Could I make similar comments about the amount of time I spend beyond my teaching day doing marking and preparation, I wonder...
And, if I did, would anyone be interested?

And, in a very revealing comment in my opinion, she states,
"This team's decision was overruled [at the time of my orginal complaint regarding the refusal to provide me with any support] and C was given 18 months psychology intervention."

The resentment at this decision seems clear to me... Of course, I'm sure this resentment has no relevance whatsoever to the team's reluctance to provide me with ongoing support.

Anyway, on to the next stage. Various people accuse me in the notes of refusing to see the truth of the matter, of being stuck in my own views of the situation. I could say the same thing about them, particularly in terms of their continuing assertion that they have indeed answered all of my concerns (I am refusing, in their view, to accept this.)


MMP said...

i do remember reading
(after the event)
written by people who have not
walked in my friends shoes

nasty taste in mouth
i remember

praying you find a pathway out of the emotional turmoil

Disillusioned said...

thanks, mmp. In a strange way it does help to know it happens to more than just to me. I know that of course, but need reminding. So true about walking in other people's shoes. The number of judgements, actual and implied, hurts, and the half truths and evasions too - and the downright lies which are clear in the notes but have never been apologised for or admitted to me.

Awareness said...


you can be a sure as ever that your file is not complete. it has been they are here when someone requests their file.

bureaucracy is one big ass covering exercise in futility. hey aren't i a font of optimism tonight.

you know what Caroline? you are one brave woman. I know you won't believe me..........but honest to God, it's true. I don't think I'd have the guts to pursue this as thoroughly as you are... plus, I don't know if i could read a file on me.

i can't believe they inadvertently left the email in the file. what a bunch of idiots.

I LOVE the fact that they have had many meetings and plannings because you have been a bee in their bonnet. That's exactly what would happen here. Whenever someone questions and demands, the whole system basically shuts down to focus on the questions and demands in order to try to "manage" it.

am shaking my head way over here......

Disillusioned said...

Thank you, Dana.

I think things have been removed from my file ... I also think things were never put in that should have, and I am attempting to obtain those things (in the face of apparent reluctance and prevarication).
Thank you for your kind comments about bravery. I don't feel brave. I am just seeking after the truth and trying to stop them from hiding behind their lies and evasions.

You know, the thing that struck me most was the comment from the Chief Executive that they had answered all my questions fully in his final letter - when they didn't mention a single one of them! This was followed by the declaraction that I was refusing to accept the truth of this.

I actually wish they could spend less time on meetings about e and more on answering the issues I have raised... But, of course, wishing doesn't make it happen.