Friday, 25 January 2008

End of the week

Today has been hard.

Started off on the wrong foot (with a measure of my current overload level); I dropped off elder daughter at her school and drove to my own (2 miles away) with younger daughter. On arriving I realised I still had elder daughter's cello and bag int he car; I had driven off without giving her time to unload them. So it was back to her school to explain and drop them off at the office, then back to mine for morning briefing (which I just made).

Then realised I had a different lesson to that which I had planned first session - and had to improvise. Fortunately it went well. Break duty followed, then another lesson (Maths) which was OK but not brilliant. Woud have been better if i had prepared the interactive whiteboard files as I intended to...

Free lesson I tried to do some report writing but realised the report comments needed amending and assessments doing before I could do so. So spent the time doing that. Did fit in some mindfulness, as urged yesterday by D.

Fourth lesson was highly interactive and highly demanding - added to by the appearance of a member of senior management asking me to amend the website. Not easy to cope with in the context of the lesson.

Final lesson I nearly lost it. Not quite, but I didn't feel in control.

Don't know whether to say something to senior management about not being able to cope with demands for website updates while I am teaching. May well do that come Monday.

tonight a friend came round, unexpectedly. That was great. Also spent time watching second episode of Sense and Sensibility, recorded from Christmas, with daughters. very good.

Hovering between coping and not coping tonight. The weekend holds too much, including a visit to my parents....


Caroline said...

thinking of you....

Disillusioned said...

Thank you.
Thinking of you too.

Rainbow dreams said...

thinking too, xx

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Sense and Sensiblity. Brilliant!!! What do you make of the actress who plays Eleanor? I think she couldn't be more perfect for the part.

As for long weekends. When I worked, the weekends weren't long enough. By the time I had got settled and was into 'down time', it was 7 o'clock Monday morning and back on the bus.

Then again I had a very ill mum to co care for as well and a young daughter and in between a few break downs and then later a very ill dad to look after and still a relatively young daughter with a few more break downs to boot.

I guess I would say....when it comes to weekends you need to focus time for things you really like to do. Things which don't add more demands on to you. You have your family as well. So time is precious enough.

Sure this sounds selfish but it isn't because being kind to you has a knock on effect with other people.

Do I get the Mother Theresa of the Day Award? or just a boot up the jacksie for preaching what I should be practising more?

Enjoy what you can of the weekend and the people you are with.


Awareness said...

hey Caroline....grab some of that silence wherever you can this weekend. that sounded like a whirlwindish day. the thing about blogging though is that it does give us an outlet to reflect, which I think helps a great deal dont you think??? I will be thinking of you this weekend and hope you can find some downtime.

ps Sense and Sensibility was my fav Austen book......loved Emma Thompson's version........and that yummy hugh grant fella. :)

MMP said...

ANYone who disturbed my lessons with a request ( that was not directly to do with the lesson in hand) who be drop kicked into the bright blue ocean

you are a far nicer person than I am

[ which, in all possibility, explains why you are earning more than me! ]

deep sympathies
hope monday is far better

Disillusioned said...

Thank you too Katie.

Mandy, we are loving Sense and Sensibility and I agree about the actress playing Eleanor. Spot on.
Weekends are never long enough, you are right. Unfortunately the visit to my parents was long overdue. We had a fairly relaxed evening with them yesterday but I found today more difficult - not enough quiet! Nonetheless, I did enjoy meeting my new neice, who is a real sweetie (and I was able to prove that my soothing and getting-to-sleep skills have not withered!)

Dana, thanks for your comments. The Sense and Sensibility we are watching is the latest BBC adaptation, and I have to say I prefer it to the Emma Thompson version, though I did enjoy that at the time. This is better though.
yes, the blog gives me chance to reflect. It's a useful safety valve as well as much else besides.

G - thanks for your perspective. I acepted the interruption on Friday - but will reconsider my acceptance should the occasion recur. Not sure whether I will say anything - though I think I may go to the head and say I am no longer willing to do the updating of the school website...