Sunday, 22 February 2009


I went to a concert last night - the music from Larkrise to Candleford. (Not the TV series, but the stage show from many years ago, featuring The Albion Band). It was fantastic - great music, banter, such fun. At one point the band started playing and I instantly recognised the tune. However, I knew that the reason I recognised it was not that it was part of the show, or that it was on the CD (it isn't!) I puzzled until the chorus came and I recognised it as a playground song: "In and Out the Windows." With that recognition came a flood of memories - positive ones of playing in the playground. Lots of songs, rhymes and games. So here, perhaps to awaken similar positive memories for others, are some of the things I remember singing:

The big ship sails on the Ally, Ally Oh. We joined hands for this and then the leader led the line through each of the pairs of arms in turn, ending with us all twisted round.

In and out the dusky bluebells. This was a circle game, where one person chose another by tapping on their shoulders, then the increasing line went between the other children in the circle.

The Farmer's in the den. Of course. No description needed.

Bubble Car, Bubble Car.. A skipping game. Alone with Cinderella dressed in yeller went to the ball to kiss a feller. How many kisses did she get.... And When is your birthday? Please jump in.

What's the Time Mr Wolf? Another I guess most of us (or those of us of "a certain age") remember.

Does anyone else remember playing "7s" and "Two balls" with tennis balls up against any convenient wall?

Or French elastic?

Or clapping games? Sadly the rhymes for many of those have deserted me. Good things to remember.


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

french elastic....oh yes!

marcella said...

French elastic, 2 balls, skipping yes. Clapping games I was always terribly bad at, but there were a lot of them = do you remember "when Suzie was a baby, a baby Suzie was.."

Disillusioned said...

Oh yes, I remember that one Marcella!

Do you remember how the elastic cut into the backs of your knees? We used to scour the shops for the "right" sort of elastic for French skipping.