Monday, 23 February 2009

Gleanings from BLPT Trust Board Papers part 3

Changes afoot.
As well as the resignation of the entire Non-Executive part of BLPT's board, the Director of Strategy and Business Development seems to have departed, to be replaced by Peter Wadum-Buhl. He is also associated with South Essex Partnership Trust - where Patrick Geoghenan is the Chief executive. Also joining BLPT from SEPT is one Oliver Shanley, acting as Interim Executive Director of Integrated Governance and Executive Nurse. Hopefully they can help to move BLPT somewhere towards caring for its service users....

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Mandy said...

What terms these people have.

The senior executive for organising the most meetings and ensuring seating arrangements are appropriate.

The senior executive for power point presentations and paper shuffling

and not forgetting the senior executive whose primary objective is to ensure front line services are kept to a minimul so as not to encroach on their massive salaries?

Relevant workers in Bedforshire spend most of their working days in meetings. So the senior executive responsible best ensure that they have quality seating available to them. Otherwise they could be had under 'equal ops' law.

The right for every employee's btm to be comfortably placed is paramount. I hope they are also delivered quality power point presentations. We are talking fundamental human rights here!!!!