Sunday, 22 February 2009

Gleanings from BLPT Trust Board Papers part 2

More on (lack of) services from the minutes for January.

· EH enquired why the percentage of referrals for psychology waiting more than 11 weeks was in excess of 20%. HB confirmed that the process was effective but that there were capacity issues. She said the Trust does receive funding for the service but at present this was insufficient to fund the level of service needed, although this did fluctuate throughout the year.
Not enough money to pay for the number of people referred as needing psychology input. When I was referred, several years ago now, I was told I would not be accepted as the waiting list was longer than 6 months and so the waiting list was closed - no new patients would be accepted. (After a lot of fighting, I did get psychological treatment). Seems things haven't moved on much in this area, despite the Government's declarations that access to talking therapies is improving. Or at least, it doesn't seem to have moved on in Bedfordshire.

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