Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Good day

Manic, but good.

Spent the morning (while tutors were meeting their new classes) sorting out ICT problems, setting up accounts and doing other useful and necessary stuff. Had a good talk with a close colleague about new schemes etc - she did tell me to slow down at one point and I have to admit my brain WAS buzzing!

This afternoon I taught two lessons. Both highly interactive and (on the whole) enjoyable. For my first lesson (Maths) I intended to use the voting pads we have in school, but time ran away with me. However, am all ready to use them in tomorrow's lesson so was not wasted.

My second lesson was English, with a challenging class. However, they really seemed to enjoy the lesson I had planned for them. Just had one lad who wouldn't engage; I can see I am going to need to work really hard with him to establish positives. Food for thought.

Then on to my counselling session. Trying not to analyse too much; it's a different sort of counselling and I am having to adjust to not being able to see the route (though the end point is clear). It was very helpful, very nurturing, and very hard in places. Links all over the place; lots of ground covered, some important securing done.

This evening i managed to get to the gym for a body balance class. Hard work but I managed OK and it did feel good to get back. Waiting for E to text to summon me for taxi duties!

H had a good first day at school. Some real positives there - especially in terms of friendship, where her new friend refused to be bullied into rejecting her and instead rejected the bullies!

Like I say, a good day.


Rainbow dreams said...

wow what a day!!! pleased it was good, x

Disillusioned said...

thank you Katie.

marcella said...

I'm tired just reading it. Glad you had a good day. Hope you can have some quieter times during the rest of the week to build on the enormous amount of progress you have made.

Disillusioned said...

lol marcella.

Not really a quieter day today. but (mostly) positive. Tomorrow is my first consultancy day so a day out of school and doing new things. Am really looking forward to it.