Saturday, 27 September 2008

Chill out day

Am having a chill out day today, and enjoying it muchly. Younger daughter had a friend staying over last night; it's lovely to see her happy and secure in the friendship. they went swimming this morning while elder daughter and I dashed into town. This afternoon I have done a (very little) housework, played a computer game, and listened to the new Chris While and Julie Matthews CD, "Together Alone". Very much enjoying it, and doubly looking forward to their upcoming gig near us.
Tomorrow will be a working day; I have lessons to plan and marking to do. I need to limit it and settle for good enough - not always easy for me! I'd also love to do some more work on the learning platform, but that may not happen. I do want to set up some more resources for my next Maths topic.

I slept really well last night - without sleeping tablets, which is a big positive. I've added in the Escitalopram to my medication mix this week, having recognised that racing thoughts were becoming a problem again. It seems to have had the desired effect. I will (of course!) discuss it when I see my wonderful GP on Thursday, but am confident she won't have any objections.

OK, back to some housework. W has his first gig (as partof a duo) tonight in a local pub, so he is out rehearsing at the moment. It's a last minute stand in - they were only booked yesterday, due to the engaged act dropping out. He's very nervous.


La-reve said...

Glad you got some space today and things seem to be a bit better with you. Congrats on managing the sleep wothout pills thats an achievement in itself. Take Care x

MMP said...

whoa- hope gig went well, how exciting

Catherine said...

I am like you; I do not like to have lesson plans that are merely "good enough". It bugs me when I am not able to give 100% to my teaching, but there are times in my life when I just couldn't give the maximum effort (I am going through one of them right now!)

I know you had school today, so I hope your lessons went well for you.

Disillusioned said...

Thanks la-reve. MMP - gig went very well thanks.
Catherine - thank you for understanding. I did have a good teaching day yesterday, apart from one young man who is proving a problem to more than me by seeking out conflict. Hopefully today might be better.