Friday, 26 September 2008

Customer care

I'd love to understand how, in its latest performance report, BLPT can justify the statement that it is "On track to meet targets and deliver quality standards". This was its declaration last month, before the HCC survey responses were published (which showed BLPT in the bottom 20% of trusts for most of the standards). It is its declaration again this month. It must have a really good plan in hand.

You will still need to use the link in my previous post to access last month's Trust Board agenda, unless you too realise that "Http" should be "https", and "nww" should be "www".
I guess BLPT would like us to think it is unaware of the problems - even though I know people from the Trust (I could probably name names, but I won't give them the ammunition they might be seeking) are reading this blog. To be fair, it may be that communication within the Trust is not all it should be.


Mandy said...

Hi C

"To be fair, it may be that communication within the Trust is not all it should be."

Well, I am still waiting for the minutes of the meeting with the Director. She said she would get them to me within the week (following the meeting). Granted I have asked for dates that MH staff sent my blood test results to my GP (to be added) but I can see this becoming another never ending story.

Glad the counselling session went well. :>)

Deb Acle said...

Only the most gullible believe these self-satisfied official reports!

I wonder if these managers are entirely delusional! Really, who do they believe they're kidding? Not us, for sure.

Cf yesterday's report that complaints against the police are up. The Home Office spinners went to work: they told the press that this was evidence that 'people have confidence in the complaints process' and thus feel able to make more formal complaints!

Disillusioned said...

Mandy - sorry the response is being so delayed for you. Hope you hear something soon. On the BLPT website, there is a press release (in the News section) about the appointment of the interim chief executive. In it, he asks people to email him with suggestions, via the communications team. I have done so - will be interested to see whether (and how) he responds.

Deb - indeed! Unfortunately I think many people are fooled. Certainly the local papers seem to treat their press releases as gospel and not needing any further investigation.

Deb Acle said...

Disillusioned - most 'local' press is owned by the same three big conglomerates, most of whose owners are maties of...NuLab.

Not much consolation for you though Mandy and c (and me come to that).

Mandy said...

Well folks

I think the Trust has tried to pull the wool over my eyes too many times.

The Complaints Manager asked me if I wanted to drop the complaint having heard the Director's assurances that they had got the blood test results to my GP practice (on several occasions). I said I needed to think about it and also have some written confirmation from the Director of the dates the blood tests were sent through.

That was 2 weeks ago now and I have heard nothing from the Director (the meeting we had took place nearly 3 weeks ago). I suspect I will be given some excuse that the Director has been on holiday but I can't be doing with their games anymore.

The formal complaint will stand and I don't care who said what to whom and when..the bottom line is Trust staff can't meet the deadlines they set themselves and they can't get information to service users in reasonable timescales.

At some point, I might contact the CEO to let him know how consistently his Trust has acted inconsistently but right now I can't be bothered.

I have very little faith that he will do anything..although the write up on him is that he is some kind of wonderful.

He has his work cut out for him and unless he is a miracle worker it is going to take years to kick BLPT into anything remotely service user focussed.

As for the local press. They are a bunch of pussies.

Deb Acle said...

Yep, you make sure that complaint stands. I've just uncovered flagrant, blatant wool-pulling from my PCT also. I mean, do they think I really am that stupid? What arrogant disdain they have for us.

My letter in response will be going to a bunch of orgs and to the Plain English campaign with a copy of their convoluted distortions and obfuscations. This is so truly mindbending and it's happening to many many thousands of patients all over the place.

No NHS manager is any kind of anything - apart from banking paychecks for delivering bullshit. They are good at that...