Friday, 15 August 2008


Things spinning in my head a bit at the moment.
I have an appt with my psychiatrist on Tuesday. He's very nice and I do trust him - but because of what we are going to discuss I am being triggered right back into scared child mode. It feels very unstable and very frightening.

Plus D hasn't been in contact and that doesn't feel good.

And the contact through my GP hasn't yet materialised either.

Wanting to hide, to avoid.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

Sounds like a waiting game and waiting for things to happen is often worse than when they happen. To much apprehension isn't good.

Not sure what to write about being in the place you are because of what is going to be discussed with your psychiatrist. You are different to me in that respect, I tell MH professionals I won't talk about certain things. End of. Maybe that is wrong but it is my choice as is yours to discuss whatever you feel is necessary. Am thinking of you though and appreciate it is a very uncomfortable (and some) place to be.

If I had a wooby blanket I would wrap it round you but am still trying to find it for myself. We could go shareseez on teddy. :>)


Silvawingz said...

Thinking off you - I know how it is.