Saturday, 30 August 2008

Endings yet again

I'd love to come to the end of endings - or to not worry about them so much.

Things I'm going to miss about D:
She keeps her promises.
She encourages me to ask for what I need.
She is not afraid to use touch to help me when I can't communicate. She will put her hand on my arm, hold my hand or even rub my back when things are "too bad" for words.
She respects the children in me.
Her positive feedback - "I think you're doing really well".
She shows me that she believes me.
She always starts our sessions with a smile.
She makes sure I am safe before we finish.
She helps me to take risks in order to move on.
She is gentle with me.
She notices how I am feeling and responding during a session.
She can pick up the signs that I have dissociated and bring me back gently and safely.
She communicates with me, giving me a written record of each session. This is SO important for me, because often I forget the details of what we have done.
She points out when she thinks I need more help than she can give, for example the crisis team, and enables me to seek that help.
She accepts me.


Kathryn said...

Hasn't she been a blessing! But there will be other blessings ahead, I am certain of it...and one day, an end of endings too.

Disillusioned said...

Thank you Kathryn.

I'm sure other blessings (what a lovely way of putting it!) will come along; I think I have found one in my new counsellor. It doesn't stop the hurt, but at least it lessens the sense of isolation.