Saturday, 30 August 2008

Aches and pains

I'm struggling just now with lots of physical aches and pains. My lower back is often a problem - and it certainly is just now. My shoulders hurt all the time, my neck is painful and I have almost constant headaches.
All of these are, I am fairly sure, related to stress and tension. There's so much change going on in my life just at present - and I don't "do" change very well. I'm working really hard at reminding myself of this, and at trying to take sensible steps to deal with the physical pain.

I have my final session with D on Monday. This is a massive stress for me.
I am starting with a new counsellor, J. I feel really positive about this, but am still anxious about it, not least because I will be looking at some pretty tough stuff with her.
I'm a bit uneasy about a relationship with another person. Things aren't going well and I don't know what to do about it.
I return to school on Monday (term starts Tuesday for the pupils).
My younger daughter, H, starts at her new school on Tuesday. There are logistical considerations for her, and I just hope she is going to be happier at her new school than she has been over the last couple of years.
My elder daughter, E, starts sixth form the following week. Nothing major to worry about there, but it's still a change - and a reminder that in 2 years she will be leaving home to head to University.
Add in all the flashbacks, memories and uncertainties and I guess I do have something of a recipe for stress.

What am I doing? Well, I'm using heat pads a lot. I need to spend less time at the computer and sewing because that makes it worse. I need to get back to the gym. I've used paracetomol when the pain gets unbearable. I also have some prescription anti-inflammatories which Iwas given for my back when it flared up before, so I have been using those. I'm having my fortnightly massage. Maybe swimming might help - it feels more manageable than the gym just at the moment. Mostly I think I need to get through this next week and hope pressures start to ease.


Lareve said...


Hope you get some relief from the pain. I guess when physical pain is induced by emotional problem then relief is two fold= treat the physical problem but longterm sometimes requires the harder work of dealing with the emotional side of things.

With regard to change of therapist, I understand how stressful this must be. Having to go through everything with new person and being able to feel comfortable with them is hard work. I think continuity of care id of major importance to people with mental illness - its a shame your original counsellor couldn;t help further, Take Care.

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Pain is pants, C

Hope the heat pads, gym, swimming and whatever else you try helps.

When my discs play up, like really bad, I have to take to my bed but if it is muscular and stress related some exercise and maybe some tense and release stuff might help.

Sure all my blogland friends feel like telling me to teach my granny how to suck eggs.

Sorry if am stating the obvious.

Take care x

Disillusioned said...

Thanks Lareve and Mandy. I'm trying to address both sides - emotional and physical. Not sure tense and relax will help - I don't think I can tense some of the muscles that are hurting! I think painkillers may be called for again this evening. Am sure it is stress.
Hopefully the pressure will ease off a bit after I get through Monday and Tuesday. Monday is my last session with D and I'm struggling big time with that. Tuesday I see J which I am looking forward to but I think I am anxious about it underneath too.

Seratonin said...

Chinese Tiger Balm is good for aches & pains, you can buy it in Boots, Holland & Barrett.I'm suffering from an excrutiatingly painful heel.I have put off seeing my GP but have decided to see her next week.
Good luck with the therapy this week.

Love Sis xxx

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

From here, it sure reads like stress.

Endings, possible new beginnings...lots of uncertainty.

Is has to show up somewhere and your back seems to be where.

Was interesting, on reflection, that my head didn't ache whilst I was in town. Or maybe because I was absorbed in what I was doing it took a back seat. That says something...I need to work out what. Ha!

As long as external demands don't overide mayb best to things as easy as you can especially prior to Tuesday, which looks like a big day for you. :>)

Disillusioned said...

Thanks Seratonin. Can't see how I can get Chinese Tiger Balm before Monday but if things haven't eased up by next weekend I will get some then.

Thanks mandy. didn't do so well on the taking things easy today (ridiculous over-exertion!) but will definitely do my best tomorrow to do very little. Am increasingly sure it is stress.