Sunday, 13 July 2008


Went to a festival in towy yesterday. It was good to get out as a family. While out we made plans for a family trip to Paris in the autumn - just for a weekend probably.
The festival was very busy and I found the crowds difficult to cope with at times. We went on in to town and I got an addition to my latest computer game. It was a lot of walking though, and my back is really playing up today. I decided not to go to the gym today - partly because of my back but also because the car park by the gym was completely full yesterday with festival visitors, so I knew my chances of finding osmewhere to park were very remote.

Have phoned a helpline tonight. It was useful; the person I spoke to was very kind and had some good ideas. Unfortunately my phone died mid way through the conversation - and I can't get through again. (It took me half an hour to get through in the first place). Still finding all this stuff really hard and have no idea what to do.

Two teaching days left. It's very loosely planned.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

A family trip to Paris sounds awesome.

I have been a couple of times. Love the place. It has a feel all of it's own.

Have you been before?

Sorry you got cut off from the helpline. Sod's law isn't it? At least the person was supportive.

Take care :>)

Disillusioned said...

Thanks Mandy. Yes, Paris would be another bridge to look forward to. I went when I was 18, and again with Will a couple of years ago.