Sunday, 27 July 2008


Thanks to those who voted on my poll re taking my meds again. You were as divided as I was! However, I decided to start the escitalopram again. To be honest, I'm not sure if it makes any difference, but I have decided, which means at least I can fool myself I am controlling it (and taking control was one of the reasons for stopping). the only side effect i have so far noticed is an immense desire to eat - which is a bit of a bummer, as the other aspect of my life where I was trying to feel in control was eating - and now that is not as clear as it was. At least this way I know I am doing everything I can to look after myself / follow instructions etc. (Although nobody would give me the instruction to take my medications again!)

We go on holiday on Tuesday for a week - I have left some dated posts but don't expect to have internet access while on holiday.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

I didn't vote in the poll because my response to meds is not all that good so couldn't vote yes with any confidence and I couldnt' vote no either because I felt that maybe, even if only a little, the meds might have done something to help...provide a bit of a crutch, even if only psychologically. I was a really not sure voter hence abstaining.

Now you have made the decision to go back on them, then I hope they help and maybe just making that decision has helped you. Rather than the humming and arring which can lead to more worry.

Enjoy your holiday. May it be all you wnat and need it to be.


Seratonin said...

Hope the meds work for you & have a great break.

Sis xxx

marcella said...

Yes, hope the meds prove a good idea. My daughter is struggling with over eating after a period of over control (although I don't think she'd quite put it like that which is why I should probably shut up on the subject). Nothing to do with meds as they've been stable for a while, she blames the weather. Either way I hope the holiday is great

Caroline said...

hope you have a good holiday

Disillusioned said...

mandy, no problem. I have no idea whether the meds help or not. But am on them again now - for the itme being. Some time I must try to work out my feelings about them...

Seratonin, I hope so too. I'll be happier once we are on the plane - right now I feel very stressed.

Marcella, I do understand where your daughter is coming from. I have no idea - jsut hta part of it for me is tied up with control.

Thanks C - I hope so too.

See you all in a week.

Rainbow dreams said...

hoe you have a good holiday.. will be thinking of you, take care, K,x