Thursday, 19 June 2008

In need of a breathing space

Today has been a(nother) full on day and I am feeling rather breathless. I suspect I am slightly in danger of being overwhelmed - it's good that I have the Farmington weekend as a full break this weekend. Looking forward to a time of no demands.

Today has been full of them (demands). A busy morning of teaching (enjoyable though it was) culminated in a stressful lesson with one challenging class, where a group of pupils appeared to be going out of their ways to be as obstreperous and incapable as they possibly could. I suspect getting me to do their work for them was top of their agenda.
A short lunch time followed, with the early arrival of the ICT advisor (his arrival on time would have meant I had half an hour for lunch; as it was I was still eating as he arrived). that was followed by the arrival of his boss (the regional KS3 ICT advisor) and his boss's boss (a senior National advisor for KS3 ICT). Ostensibly they were monitoring the work of the consultant, but needless to say I did feel rather on the spot. They posed some challenging (and interested) questions, professed themselves very impressed with what I was doing and planning, and left - but the discussion was wide ranging, covered a multitude of areas and required me to think on my feet a lot. Needless to say, the hour I spent after that with the consultant did not produce the quality of work we both hoped it would - I think both of us had worn ourselves out rather.

So (with yesterday's therapy session and all) I am feeling rather shattered tonight. Elder daughter had a bit of an emotional collapse - fortunately a brief one - earlier on, which I can only put down to post GCSE reaction, and I feel like I could do the same at the moment. Instead I will go and pack a case, I think!


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

I hope the Farmington Weekend does you the world of good because your yesterday seems like it was very busy for you.

Hope you have a lovely time and come back with your batteries fully recharged.

Catherine said...

Ack, drop-ins are always stressful, even if they are not supposed to be "evaluating" you (because you know they are!).

Take some time for yourself this weekend and enjoy it!