Sunday, 22 June 2008


Just got home from Oxford and my head is buzzing. So many new ideas, so many interestingpieces of research. I saw Story Bags, Story sacks and assembly resources. I heard about (and thought about making) links with other schools to enhance shildren's understanding of other religions. I've been told about online timeline creators, online brochure makers and floor planners (yes, all in connection to RE!) And I have been wined and dined and made to feel valued. It's been great.

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mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Morning C

Think I missed what the Farmington trip was. Is it a kind of retreat or a spiritual place of celebration...or just some really nice hotel with pamperings?

Sorry to be a clutz but would love to know am interested.


P.S. Glad you got wined and dined. A nice little treat.