Thursday, 12 June 2008

good stuff

Had something nice happen today. Can't say anything yet, but it was good. Made me feel valued and opened new doors in terms of jobs.

The rest of the day was OK too. English lesson was only OK - the perils of teaching a new unit, especially when that unit has been planned by someone else. But it was OK, and we progressed. Did some more stuff in ICT around collaborative learning, using the new learning platform. That was fun too - and the pupils responded enthusiastically. Looking forward to analysing the results, and to doing more. Maths lesson was comfortable for me - the pupils worked really well and I didn't feel on edge. Not sure feeling like that would be a good thing all of the time, but it is nice for a week or so.

Tomorrow looks like being good too - a few changes to normal routines and some straightforward stuff.


Seratonin said...

Glad you are having some good things going on at the moment.
Take care
Seratonin x

Caroline said...

i am SO confused by your job...forgive my ignorance. what age groups is your school? i've never lived anywhere which has a middle school system so i don't 'get' it. you teach maths, and english, and ICT, anything else? forgive me for sounding like the daily mail readers up in arms because there's no maths graduates teaching maths - but how does it work? sorry, just wondering in amazement, and awe.....

Disillusioned said...

Thanks Sis - me too!

Hi Caroline - I appreciate the confusion. Middle schools are a rare breed these days.
In our county, Middle schools are for 8-13 year olds. (In your terms, that's the last two years of primary school and the first two of secondary). Pupils have a mix of lessons taught by general teachers and those taught by specialists. In lower years they have their form tutors more than in the last two years.
My degree is in English and I teach that to our oldest pupils. I also have research interests (I had a sabbatical term) in RE and teach that across the school. By self training I am an ICT specialist (and am the subject leader for that subject) and teach taht across the school and to all of our oldest pupils. I teach Maths with less confidence (though am told with ability) but I have to work hard at it.
I trained as a middle school teacher (back in the years when you could!) and taught my first 8 years in a junior school, teaching all subjects. I'm a general specialist I suppose - I would declare my specialities as ICT, English and RE. I may at some point have to look at whether i go to Secondary or Primary if our county reverts to that system and I honestly don't know what I would do - I love the mix I have now!
Hope this helps... a bit.

(Oh, and in my Middle school career I have also taught History, Geography, PE, Design and Science. Not that I particularly want to teach those subjects now... particularly PE).

Seratonin said...

Your reply to Caroline interested me.Living in Suffolk we are going through the process of losing the Middle Schools.My 8 yr old Daughter will be in the last intake of year 5's in Sept 09 to our catchment Middle School.The Primary Schools are extending their intake to years 6's.When my Daughter reaches year 7 she will transfer to catchment area Upper School.I feel pretty concerned that she is stuck in the middle with all of this going on.But also sad that the Middle School near us is closing (along with the two others in town)& is likely to be demolished with possibly a new school build to house Daughter's current Primary School (I also went to this Middle School in the 70's !!).Other option is that her Primary School will merge with the Upper School (but have a separate Primary/Junior annexe).Despite the 'Public Consultation' process I have along with other parents believed the decision had already been made by the powers that be.The main reasoning behing the removal of Middle Schools being that the yr 6 SAT'S results came out better in the 'two tier system'.There was also some 'evidence' that suggested the kids in the 'three tier system' managed to catch up come the time of GCSE's.So it's a bit of a paradox really.The feeblest reason given was that the county should fit in with the rest of the country !!!!
Good luck if you have to go through this.
Take care
Seratonin x

Rainbow dreams said...

am pleased there are exciting happenings, hope they come to fruition... x

Disillusioned said...

Hi again Seratonin

Our county (bedfordshire) tried to end 3 tier a couple of years ago, but was overthrown by the parents who mounted a vociferous campaign. Now Bedfordshire are looking at separate unitary authorities and the idea of two tier schooling is being raised again. My daughters are now at upper school so, happily, will not be affected. The strongest theme seems to be the one you highlight - that we need to fit in with the rest of the country. However, where they are run as they were intented, it is my opinion that middle schools are a great thing. they offer a real transition between primary and secondary. I fear, however, that their days are numbered in Bedfordshire.

Disillusioned said...

Katie, thanks. I've had a great day (so far) today.

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