Friday, 13 June 2008

More on information

Just for the record:

I requested a copy of the briefing notes presented to a closed meeting of the Trust Board about me by one of the Directors.

In the various emails I now have sight of is this confirmation that there was a written piece of information about me:

(My request to C)
The email dated 18th July 2007 to members of the Trust Board refers to "a briefing note" (from DB and GK) to "the Trust Board closed meeting next week". I would like to have sight of this briefing note, as it directly concerns me, and of the minutes of the Trust Board meeting regarding this matter.

(an email from C to J)
I would be grateful if you could pull together the information she has requested.

(Email from J to C)
Trust Board Meeting minutes, this was to a closed meeting, would like to see where we stand on this but I do not believe we need to disclose this information

(email from C to J)
Sorry to chase on this but could you let me know what your legal team stated? My understanding is that she is entitled to see information about her under the DPA request and that we can with hold information but that we have to be justified in why we are doing it and that justification is usually because it would cause her harm or distress.
I would say that if the information which went to the Board was correct and factual then we should give her that information... Please would you let me know your update??

(I have seen no response to this query).

(email from C to me four weeks after this)
You also requested information relating to a closed Board session.Having requested this information from PB, she has confirmed that nothing was documented which related to you or your clinical care and therefore no information is available.

Now, is it just me or does this read as if I am missing some vital information?


Catherine said...

Yes, this reads like you are being kept out of the loop. By the way the first email and its response were written, it was implied that something was said about you.

(off-topic, but please look at my journal)

Disillusioned said...

Thanks, Catherine.

Have read and responded. Feel free to refer to me by name on your blog if you want to!