Sunday, 9 March 2008


Took myself a rest day today. I am on a course tomorrow and have already planned the cover lessons, so today I didn't do any school work. What I did do was:
some housework - dusting, hoovering, washing, emptying binss, all the usual stuff;
some online genealogy;
some work on the workbook C recommended (which did arrive on Friday - can't remember if I already blogged that);
some reading - children's books
some sewing - I nearly finished a pincushion to match my new workbox (which I completed at home yesterday) and the trug I made on a previous course. They are all of the same fabric, and I am pleased with them. I just need some PVA glue to complete them, then I will post some photos.

So, a fun day, even with the harder / less fun stuff in there. And, I have to say, I feel so much better for having taken the time out. I wonder if it is worth trying to rejig my working week so that I get my planning and marking done in the week and can have more weekends to myself.


Rainbow dreams said...

That sounds like a good day - and a good plan if you can manage it :)
love from me here, x

Catherine said...

I decided this year that I would rather stay at work a little bit longer each day than take things home with me. I haven't been teaching oodles of years or the like, but I have been teaching long enough to realize that my time is my time and I need to guard it viciously. Unless it is something that absolutely *must* be done over the weekend (like grading major essays) I don't do it. Period.

MMP said...

Here's another one who stays late.

Disillusioned said...

Thanks all.

Katie - I am going to work on it. Catherine and mmp - I have tried to do work after school, but with two daughters (who would rather be home than at school, understandably!) that can be hard. Especially when one or two evenings a week can be taken up with meetings / training after school, and another two with appointments. Finding the balance is hard.