Saturday, 15 March 2008

Girly shopping

Just got back from a shopping trip to MK with my daughters. We had a good time. Bought the girls new clothes, books etc - spoilt them a bit. Then, as we were heading back, we walked past Lush and the smell drew us in. I bought each of us a bubble bath bomb. A real luxury - and I am glad I did. The girls are both looking forward to using theirs, and I am pleased I was able to choose one for myself too.

I really wanted to make a "Build a Bear" - for myself! I dragged the girls in, but they clearly thought this was a little odd... though when we talked about it later, I suggested to E that we would go in on her 18th birthday and make her a bear - and she really liked the idea. I want to do one for myself too - and I just might manage to do that at some time, though probably not on a busy Saturday.

Very tired now and drained from the week. Recharging time is needed.


Rainbow dreams said...

That sounds wonderful - Lush always draws me in too when we make it to Southampton...
Now a long soak in a bubbly bath sounds just the ticket :)

Disillusioned said...

Thank you Katie.

Jessica said...

That's nice!
Shopping and bubble baths!
Hope you enjoyed a relaxing weekend to recharge.

Disillusioned said...

Thank you Jessica.

It's an up and down weekend, but am trying to recharge, thanks.