Thursday, 28 February 2008


Today was a tough day in many ways.

Despite the overwhelming usefulness of my session with C yesterday, it brought lots to the surface. I worked hard at pushing the worrying away and not dwelling on it, promising myself the 20 minutes "worry time" C and I agreed tonight if I still felt that was needed. Events at school conspired to help me to do that - I barely had time to draw breath all day, never mind fret!

I was teaching our oldest year group (12-13 year olds) all morning. My first lesson was ICT - this class were really chatty, unwilling to listen and focus and I found that very frustrating. My second class I was dreading - it was a cover lesson for a member of staff who is on a school trip, and I was told that they were "very difficult" for him. Actually, it went well - and I had compliments passed on to me about my teaching being the main reason for that. The third morning lesson was English and this I relaly enjoyed. Good to finish the morning on a high note!

Lunch time was taken up with seeing people and preparing for lesson 4, when I was observing a colleague in my role as head of department. I hate doing this - although of all the staff in the department the one I observed today is the one I worry least about talking to about her teaching. But I do feel uncomfortable making suggestions about improvements. However, C took my two suggestions very positively and we had a good talk about relating these to departmental improvements.

My final lesson of the day was a nightmare. Y7 Maths - with the students who (for various reasons) are not on the week-long French trip. A combination of characters in the set, all the difficult ones present and I really did not feel fully in control. Imposing discipline was nearly impossible, and i found it hard to get a whole sentence out without being interrupted. I found it incredibly frustrating - and am just glad that I only have to teach this group on one more occasion.

Tomorrow is another day (unfortunately it includes Y7 Maths... and being on duty at break and after school...) and I'm off for some serious relaxation now, in preparation.


MMP said...

...euw, yr 7s- you heroine....

Shaz said...

Wow is all I can say I have 4 kids and a teacher I could never be and i think as I get older I am less patient with kids. I love them dearly but to have them act the way they do with teachers would drive me nuts. OMG I am getting to be a cranky old woman way before my time lol

Disillusioned said...

Thanks both. I enjoy most of my teaching, but at times (with certain classes) it is a real chore.