Saturday, 16 February 2008


A real mixture today.

Had a good sewing day - made a bag which I am pleased with.

Got really angry yesterday and it threw me - out of proportion, I suppose, and unable to express how I was feeling. It tied in to all the childhood stuff, I later realised - because I was angry with someone I cared about and that made me feel even more ambivalent. Plus I didn't know what to do with the emotion I was feeling, how to express it safely (so maybe that is something I need to loook at). Plus I was already tired from struggling with the computer & viruses most of the day (and I often end up feeling stressed when there are computer problems because it feels like my responsiblity to fix them, even though this problem was NOT of my making). And lots of other stuff. Really struggled not to punish myself, but managed it.

This afternoon I just feel really tired. Not surprising I suppose. But frustrating all the same.

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