Friday, 31 July 2009


Well, maybe.

Counselling is continuing. J is great, and it is helping - but it is also very hard at times. Yesterday was an example of it being helpful and hard. After every session I seem to go a bit haywire internally as I process things; it makes Thursday evenings ahrd. However, yesterday I went into it with my focus on how to manage the hard feelings, and I did seem to manage them OK. Not brilliantly, but OK.

I'm still working at my first MA submission. I guess the first is bound to be the hardest. I have a fortnight left to complete it... Gulp.

Have done some work in preparation for school. More to be done (of course!) We've also been decorating, tackling the massive task of repainting the hall and stairs. Nearly done now and it does look better, but of course the house is a mess as a result. really hoping today will see an end to it.

Next week we have a busy week; H's birthday, and a weekend away in Stratford. This time last year we were in Crete. I think I am glad to be staying at home this year. With both girls having had courses (E orchestra last week; H drama last week and this) it feels like we have been busy enough.

The last thing is I could really do with my sleep patterns settling into holiday mode. That's to say, I would like NOT to wake at 5 am every morning. Not sure how much of that is down to cutting down my Trazodone combined with cutting down the sleeping tablets, but after a month of a smaller Trazodone dose and two weeks of less Zopiclone, I'd really like my body to have adjusted.

Today I have plans to keep myself busy; after dropping H off this morning I am going for a swim (don't really feel like it, but am going to do it anyway!). I want to finish the decorating as I said, and pull the weeds out of the lawn. Not sure I intend to tackle the essay today - so tired it might not be very profitable!

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marcella said...

wow - the hall and stairs? We have decided to save up H's recently awarded DLA to pay someone else to paint ours - it's going to take about a year to save up but I think we'd probably kill each other if we tried to do it again ourselves.

Glad that the sessions with J are still going well. We have made quite good contact with someone from the Trust, but I don't trust (pun intentional) her bosses not to reconfigure the service at any moment.