Monday, 27 July 2009

When is a Serious Untoward Incident not a SUI?

Presumably when the organisation responsible decides it is not.

See Mandy's recent posts about her dad, here.

BLPT state in their own (recently approved)
"POLICY AND PROCEDURE FOR REPORTING ADVERSE INCIDENTS (INCLUDING SERIOUS UNTOWARD INCIDENTS)" that a SUI is one which involves "· NHS Staff, patients, relatives, carers or visitors" which
"· Causes death or serious injury or was life threatening
· Contributes to a pattern of sustained reduction in standards of care that the provider or commissioner identifies as being below agreed minimum safe standards".


It causes me some concern that BLPT's prime definition of a serious untoward incident is that it is "a situation in which one or more service users are involved in an event which is likely to produce significant legal, media or other interest and which if not properly managed may result in loss of the Trusts reputation or assets", and that the definition I posted first here is an afterthought, qualified as "the principles as defined by the Strategic Health Authority for the East of England ".


Mandy said...

Hi C

I will be writing to the Strategic Health Authority later because I do believe my father's suicide is a serious untoward incident and should be dealt with (by Beds and Luton Partnership) as such.

Thank you for your support:>)

Mandy said...

Not sure if I wrote father's suicide or suicide attempt in last comment. Sorry, for any confusion. It was a suicide attempt on his part.