Saturday, 24 January 2009

Update on where I am

I'm coped with J, my counsellor, being on holiday for two weeks. Hopefully she returns today and I see her on Thursday.
I've been doing too much and am feeling overwhelmed. I need to shut off more in the evenings. It wasn't helped my a member of management at work asking me to take no a major task - and continuing to try to persuade me to do so after I said it was too much work and I couldn't do it. His argument was that it would be good for the school / ICT. It wouldn't be much good for the school if I ended up off work again though.
I had a sewing day today which was good on many fronts - not least that I didn't work all day. I finished the top of a quilt. J has been away in Kenya, helping to set up an orphanage, and I am hoping to make quilts which can be used out there. Today's was the first of those. I've another well underway, and the makings of two more.
W has just had to go out to pick up elder daughter from a supposed sleepover; she's feeling / being sick. No, not alcohol - just an inexplicable inability to cope with excitement / fizzy drinks. This is recurrent and has been a feature since she was very little. Unfortunately it's a 30 mile round trip to collect her.
Tomorrow I have planning to do, as usual. I also have the second of two presentations to write for an open day in a week's time, when I will be speaking to an audience of teachers in our county about how to use the Learning Platform. Nervous? Yes, just a little. OK, so terrified is closer. I've written one presentation and am reasonably happy with it, but need to get my teeth into this one so that I don't worry about it all week. I also really need to get through some of my backlog of marking. In the evening W and I are going to see a Richard Thompson concert, which should be good.

Emotionally - no, I'm not too good at the moment. No idea what to do about it though. Hoping things improve soon.


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

hoping alongside you too........

Catherine said...

Don't you love the "it would be good for the school / program" shtick? I am at my max for committee / after school work too and so every request this year is being met with a resounding NO. Like you said though, even then people keep bugging you.

Is it summer yet?

Polar Bear said...

Good luck with the presentations. I hate giving presentations, even though I;ve had to give quite a few in the past. I find that being well prepared helps ease the nervousness a bit. Not much, but a bit.