Monday, 19 January 2009

Lots to do

We have spent the weekend putting new furniture together (two bookshelves and a wardrobe for younger daughter). As a direct result, most of the house is in chaos - packaging, books on the move, clothes on the move - to say nothing of the housework not done because we were putting furniture together.

I have managed to write my first mini assignment for my MA - for Wednesday's session. Am quite pleased about that. However, I also have two presentations to write and two weeks to do it in. I started one of them at the weekend, but it's a bit of a slog. These are for our local conference on learning platforms, to an audience of local teachers.

I also have some monitoring to finish off at school, and a summary of the assessment cycle in my subject to write, to hand to the Deputy head. Then I have resources to order / buy, and schemes of work to write.

I have emails to send and people to contact about my consultancy role - needs doing, needs doing!

I also have a garage full of stuff to get rid of. Some can be donated to charities (but I will need to organise their collection of it; some needs to go to the tip; some can be donated to local schools (toys my children have grown out of). I need about a day to do all this - at least!

Ho hum....

Anyone care to donate me a spare week so I can tackle all this?


La-reve said...

Write a list maybe and prioritise -don't try and do it all at once. You will only risk burnout.
Lareve x

marcella said...

sensible advice from La-reve, but if you do find a volunteer with TWO spare weeks, please send them to me for the second - we have a loft full of stuff, plus a bedroom that should have been tidied last year, plus.....

Rainbow dreams said...

sounds a lot to fit in..and yes, please do the prioritise's important.
Sorry I haven't been around much lately, life here is manic too.
Take good care, love