Friday, 30 January 2009

Time passes...

It's been nearly a week since I last posted.

So, what's been going on?

Mostly manic work, and me coping to various extents with that. Given that I teach a lot of ICT, I will leave you to imagine the effects of the numerous internet failures this week. Today, however, added a new twist. I had ICT this morning with Year 8 (never easy). They couldn't log on; the machines just hung. So I sent for help, to be told that the profiles had been changed and one step had been left out. Itw as fixed; 20 minutes of my lesson lost.
Fast forward three hours and I am back in the ICT room with another Year 8 class. Same problem - they couldn't log on. I sent for help; no apology or explanation this time, but half an hour later it was "fixed" and the pupils could log on (albeit very slowly).
Fast forward 2 hours and I am discussing this with the colleague who also teaches ICT, only to find she has had the same problems in ALL her ICT lessons - since yesterday. Now, I don't teach ICT on Wednesday or Thursday (the latter being my consultancy day) - but how can this go on in EVERY lesson for two days without the problem being fixed AND staff being alerted to the likelihood of a problem? ARGH!

Other events this week - I saw J on Thursday. A good (and emotional) session. feeling a bit unsettled still but some of that is from awareness of issues to address.
Younger daughter is making progress with her GCSE options, thankfully.
Too much marking to do - but I did get through some of it this week.
A very enjoyable and, I hope, useful session in one of our local lower schools this week. Much enthusiasm; I felt I helped, which was good.

Also on the radar - on Monday I am giving two presentations to an audience of teachers from our LEA, about the work I am doing in my consultancy post. I'm increasingly nervous. Hoping I can say the things they need / want to hear, which will help and enthuse them. Snow is forecast in our area for Monday; I'm not sure whether to hope it appears or not!

All the positive words may or may not mask the fact that I am still very up and down, swinging from "everything is fine" to "I can't cope" in minutes. Very draining.


La-reve said...

Sorry you are swinging there. Hope you get some stability soon..Lareve x

marcella said...

Yes - hope you get time to catch a breath. Are you having any time off in February? I am and I'm SO looking forward to it.

Polar Bear said...

Heh, I totally get your frustration with IT. I'm in a similar field, and I'll be the first to say that technology can sometimes be such a pain in the ^%$!