Friday, 2 January 2009

Creative space

We've finished our current room reorganising here. The dining room has now become the music room, while the spare bedroom is now my sewing room. I've dragged boxes from the loft, gone through all my fabric and organised it, and am now inspired. I've sorted out all my partially completed projects, and have begun completing one of them. I've also found some fabric for the border for the quilt top I was working on just before Christmas, so I can tackle the next stage of that as well. It's wonderful to have the space to set things out and leave them out, as well as space to work freely. It's also good to feel like being creative again - I haven't for a while. I've restarted a crazy patchwork piece, which I hope will make a pretty stunning quilt eventually. I bought, some time back, a collection of curtain and upholtery scraps, many of which turned out to be in whites and creams. I played with some of these in crazy patchwork fashion, and used the embroidery stitches on my machine to sew over the seams with metallic gold thread. The result looked good, but I didn't go any further with it, till yesterday. I spent a couple of hours playing with pieces, putting them together and ending up with something I am quite pleased with. I can do about half a dozen blocks at the same time - that way I end up with a cohesive theme. I think I will join them together with sashing when I get enough blocks. In the meantime they make a fun project. When I get tired with that I can pick up another of my incomplete projects.

I think I might make a couple of fabric postcards with the scraps of this project as well. Hmmm!


La-reve said...

Glad you are in a creative mood and a goo dmood generally by the sound of it. And I'm sure it will have stacke of therapeutic value. x

Rainbow dreams said...

That all sounds good - I look forward to being organised enough to start creating again - right now feel a bit of a creative mess!! Much love, Happy New Year, Katie, xxx