Saturday, 3 January 2009

Busy day

I've managed to get a few things done today, though (as ever) not as many as I wanted. A bit of housework, and a lot of shopping. Two teenage daughters who are shooting up (one is taller than e now, the other not far behind) meant new clothes were needed. So today was a trip to town with younger d (older one was in too, but with her friends)to buy new jeans. Success! Then there were various other errands to run - a quick food shop, some embroidery needles for my sewing machine (looking forward to using those on my crazy patchwork project) and various odds and ends.
Today I have also had the requirements list for my next sewing course. I'm going to be making a quilt with a "jelly roll" and am looking forward to it. I've even ordered a particular jelly roll - lovely jewel colours. Just have to try to complete some of the other projects before that!

Have roasted some potatoes for the freezer today, and used up the leftover vegetables to make a roasted veg mix, also for the freezer. I got some parsnips from the market today, which I intend to honey roast tomorrow.

Creative urges have kicked in again, and yesterday I enjoyed knitting while watching a DVD with the girls (Ballet Shoes - such a wonderful childhood memory). I completed one scarf, and started another. Today at the library I found a book of projects to make with odd balls of wool. That should be fun.

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